Crimes Against Humanity: Felix Riebl

An open letter to Felix Reibl


I watched your latest video clip, which features some of my friends in it so thanks for making them faceless yet famous. However, the music, what is this? Watered-down-mouth-wash-designed-to-be-picked-up-and-used-by-Qantas-as-sales-music-and-paying-for-your-next-mortgage? I mean, this is quite serious. You have written and produced a song which is at the very least a serious crime against humanity.

As a talented musician with an exciting history you shit this out onto what is left of the face of the earth?

Disgraceful. You are taking humanity for fools. You think they need another love song? You think they need another love song with comfortably predictable dynamics and ”woahs” and the word “hurricane” in it? Another shallow anthem? Another 5 cent song to pass through peoples’ ears and unknowingly to them burn the most fragile bits of their brain apart? Ruining imagination, dumbing down the mind, inspiring nothing but the lust for success with this emotionless million-dollar-single?

If you have a heart, a sense of community and humanity, a sense of the joys of creativity and the importance of it to be nurtured at all costs, you should destroy this song. Remove it from the wasteland of the planet. It is pure rubbish and serves no good use. It will only harm people. It is a product of this self-interested, entitled trend sucking up the planet. You are old enough to know better.

Hurry up.

Anto Macaroni


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